1 October 2007


It has been a long time since the last posting. Many things have changed over the last 2 years. It is time that I started writing again, and perhaps inviting people to visit and list also.

I saw a favoured patient last week. Another brain tumour patient - most of my memorable ones are! - who is still alive and doing well nearly 2 years after original treatment. The last 2-4 years has seen the use of drug called temazolomide in combination with radiotherapy that is extending the duration of survival of patients. J is obviously one of them.

When I saw her originally I discussed some 'end of life' issues with her and said that she needed to answer the question "Where do you go when you die?".

She perkily jumped up and said, "I know the answer to that one!". Her husband also assured me that this issue was well settled. As I had just moved to this new city, my family were church-hunting and attended the first church on the list (there were only 3, all local). I came across J and her husband there. Warm and welcoming and explaining that they had placed their personal trust in Jesus long ago and this illness was just another turn in the road heading towards home. No big problem.

What good news! Cancer doesn't have to rule the patient's life, but so refreshing to find one so accepting and yet almost oblivious to the problems because there are bigger issues. Her daughter is pregnant and going to deliver in 2-3 months - what a joy for her to see her granddaughter!