5 November 2007

My Wife - The Ocker Doc

The Ocker Doc is married to ….. why the Ocker Doc-ette, of course! Yes, we are one of those families with little hope – two doctors! You can imagine the dinner table conversations. Our kids have very abnormal vocabularies. How many kids? SIX!!

The next question to follow goes along the lines of “don’t you know what causes it?” Well, of course I do! My third son was mortified one day to find out that after six children his mother wasn’t a virgin. Obviously we have some work to do there!

So what sort of a woman marries the Ocker Doc? I have wondered about this frequently. Those of you who are acquainted with the Ocker Doc know most definitely that on the physical attraction scale he rates about 1 out of 10. The stocks of good looks were decidedly depleted when it came to my turn. I know it wasn’t the money!

Anyway the important thing is what I think of her!

I often tell patients that life is assessed in the answers to four questions – Where do you go when you die? What sort of a mother are you? What sort of a wife are you? What sort of a friend are you?

I have the answer to one of those questions. She is the wife of Proverbs (last chapter, look it up). I have never doubted that she would be or is my partner, my other half. From the start we have been friend and friend.

Every so often we fall back in love with those urgent compelling feelings, but in the other times there is the decision of love. Whether in the same house or in different countries, the bond holds strong. When separate the separation creates longing. I believe her instinct. She is the expert in the relationship, she knows what we are missing and need.

You see the kids are sourced from this wide and deep pool of respect and affection. The pool was always been full no matter how much we take out!